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    Tanzania Mitindo House (TMH) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with ,a main purpose of using the fashion Industry to reach out to the community through charity work.


    Robi Morro (Mapozi Designs) - Tanzania

    Fashion Stylist Robi Morro is the epitome of afro-centric fashion in Tanzania. With product line such as Mapozi for women which utilizes the local popular materials such as the khanga and the Kitenge, she has managed to attract several women of different age and style.

    Born Robi Morro on October 19th, 2008, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, she was raised by a mother who made stylish clothes for both of them. This rich background has guided her to want to start her own clothing line. While working in the banking industry as a Sales representative, the designer to be decided to turn her hand into fashion by starting her own label 'Mapozi'.

    MAPOZI DESIGNS Label profile - Mapozi is a clothing range that utilizes the Khanga and Kitenge fabric in a unique way that has never been done before. It fuses western fashion styles with the traditional Tanzania style of the Khanga and Kitenge. The clothes are modern and hip and reflect the stylish nature of the owner. As well as this, the owner employs local talent and creates job opportunities for our ‘fundis'. The clothes uses range from evening and day dresses, pants, casual tops that are inspired from the international catwalks of the fashion world, to traditional skirts and blouses. All these are made exclusively using the Khanga and Kitenge material, fused with other materials such as satin, silk, lace, line and cotton. The Afro-centric look is coming back into style and many modern African women are looking for something that represents their roots. The clothing range has been attracting many, from young to middle aged women and it is a sought after clothing line in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. Not only that, Mapozi has also been attracting clients across the world including US, England and Tunisia to name a few.

    Kemi Kalikawe (Naledi Glamour) - TanzaniaTrue beauty is not defined by a woman's shape, color, ethnicity or background. Rather, it's defined by who she is on the inside and the bold daring beautiful woman that she dares to be once she's discovered her true FLOWER within.

    This is what inspires NALEDI Glamour's vision for women and fashion.NALEDI Glamour is the fashion arm of NALEDI a company that deals in interior design, fashion, and event planning. It begun three years ago in Nairobi, by Kemi Kalikawe, a young Tanzanian designer, the company is currently based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania though its client base extends well into the rest of East Africa.

    NALEDI Glamour designs Afro Urban fashion - specializing in clothing made from African fabrics albeit with an urban twist. NALEDI vision is to raise the profile of Tanzanian fashion especially focusing on the traditional Tanzanian Kanga fabric. NALEDI wants to change the perspective that Kanga is for wearing only using household work and show that the kanga deserves a place in high fashion.

    NALEDI Glamour Clientele include Women and men of all ages, races, and lifestyles - from young women looking for the perfect prom dress to the woman looking for the perfect outfit for a Ball. In between, NALEDI Glamour also designs clothes for the everyday African and foreign expatriate woman as she seeks to look chic at the office, home, or during that special event.

    Zamda George - Tanzania

    Zamda George a Female Tanzanian Fashion Designer of Zaidi Creations has showcased her designs in various fashion shows organized by fellow designer, charity organizations, culture supporting organizations and Tanzania Designers Organization (TMH). Not only has she dressed Tanzanian celebrities but also has reached finals and semi finals of Reds African Fashion Designing Awards of 2006 and 2007. She also is an active member of Tanzania Mitindo House.

    She is a Fashion designer, who has mastered the principles of fashion design; which she translates into serious and sexy masterpieces of garments.

    Her inspiration comes in many different ways; movies, magazines, as well as current events but mostly she is inspired by nature and woman figures. She consider herself one of the successful designers in the country and her participation at the First Swahili Fashion Week she didn’t disappoint her growing fan base; her pieces were eye-catching, wearable, and sassy with good fine touches!

    Khadija Mwanamboka - Tanzania

    With over one and a half decade among top trail-blazers and trendsetters in the Tanzanian fashion industry, Khadija continues to set pace in the African fashion arena locally, regionally and internationally.

    Drawing inspiration for award winning designs from her immediate environment, nature, social lifestyles and even music! Mwanamboka's creativity knows no bounds in utilizing both materials and resources for her masterpieces. Among her many achievements, Khadija has been fortunate dress top social icons including Miss Tanzania contenders consecutively for three years (1998, 2000, 2001), Coordinated the Tanzania National dress designer's competition in 2004, and she was the only top Tanzanian designer on regional panel of judges for the International Nokia Face of Africa.

    With the wealth of experience garnered by this fashionista and icon, Khadija Mwanamboka's vision for her label and brand Vitu Vya Khadija offers the global village more than just a fashion statement... It offers Responsible fashion branding...

    Khadija is not only a fashion designer but enjoys giving back to her community. Khadija is a Founder and Chair person of Tanzania Mitindo House, a not for profit social initiative to utilize fashion designing in the country for community based charity geared at assisting HIV/AIDS orphans.

    Jamilla Swai - Tanzania
    Unless you are familiar with the local fashion industry you most probably have not heard of Jamilla Vera Swai. This young woman compensates her petite stature by making grand, vibrant, exotic, all in your face extraordinaire designs.

    In her designs, she caters for everyone, from the small ones to the grown ups. There is nothing that this mother of one can not do, and when you actually meet her you get to be surprised by everything she has accomplished. Born in a month of August in Dar es Salaam ( a lady never tells her age ) to a predominant Dr. Swai and his lovely wife Juliette ( I can see where Jamilla gets her beauty from )

    Jamilla's love affair with fashion started when she was just 7 years old. She would use her dolls to create clothes for. At the age of 14, while she was still in high school, as it usually happens she caught a modeling agency's eye and started modeling for adverts on local TV station in Maputo as well as designing for the agency she was signed with, The Studio Stilo. Being of a petite stature and not being able to do modeling full time, Jamilla concentrated on what she was doing best, which was designing. To perfect her skills she joined Institute de Bela Artes in Maputo to study fashion then later on moved to Fashion College International in Nairobi to complete her studies. Not being content with just studying, she co founded SuturCouture in 2000.

    This company dealt with various fashion shows in Nairobi, Magadi and Dar-es-salaam, where she got many awards. With her ideas and persona she quickly made an impact on advertising agencies who then hired her to work as a costume designer on TV adverts such as Pilsner ice, Konyagi Ice, Kencell and Aids Awareness Campaign. Having had enough of Kenya, in 2002 she decided to return to her home town of Dar es salaam, open up Jamilla Vera Swai Design Studio and give the already established local designers some very heavy competition. Since then she has participated in various fashion shows and did some exclusive designs for her growing group of clients, including clothes for retail shops

    Farha Naaz

     Farha Sultan took a keen interest in various kinds ofartistic creativity from a young age. Studying clothing production inSouth Africa, Sultan gained a vast amount of knowledge in tailoring and creating different garments. She designs womenswear, menswear and accessories. Her designs always incorporate local textiles like khanga , vitenge, batik and Masai materials.              
    Farha has showcased her designs in Swahili Fashion Week 2008/2009. Lady inRed 2009/2010, Women's day 2009, Khanga Za Kale 2009, Bungeni 2009, CPA Tanzania Mtindo House fashion Show in Arusha 2009, Barazani 2009/2010and Arusha Night Fashion Show 2010. She takes pleasure in participatingin these events as they offer a platform to present her designs to awidespread audience. Lady in Red Fashion Show Designer of 2010 Award winner, Sultan has dressed the likes of Machozi Band and songstress Lady Jay Dee as well as producing clothes for local Bongo movies.
    Her latest project has incorporated khanga with ribbons, net, lace and silk materials to produce a range of lingerie.  

    Martin Kadinda
    Martin was born to see and explore the future of the youth ahead, also involved in modelling since 2006, he is now a serious yet stylish designer, representing the youth as Blogger and impossing irresistable trends - works with love and passion.

    Has an authentic touch with Leather,Beads and Masai Fabric. Mollel symbolizes true MASAI with his signature designs of Sandals,Bags and Clothes.Gabriel Mollel was born in the massaai village of losinoni, Arusha,Tanzania. He completed primary school but was unable to complete secondary due to family commitments.He first ventured in tobusiness in 1994 by helping his mother, a talented jewelry maker, to make and sell maasai crafts in Arusha town. since then, Gabriel has delved in and out of business in this area, and has now further developed his creative talents, moving into the realm of fashion. Now will a new label Sariamu Designs( Sariamu meaning somebody who gives for both hand in maa language), Gabriel is taking the country by storm. Sariamu's exciting designs include beaded gladiators for men and women, beaded sandals, leather handbags, beaded belts, traditional and modern Maasai wedding dresses. Gabriel uses local raw materials such as cow's, sheep\s and goat's leather, barkcloth, beads, shells, seeds and cow horn.

    Who only pours to us her creative and sensational  juices of her  mindas touch which have also lead her all the way to designing for MISS UNIVERSE TANZANIA, making her a Headliner. Born in shinyanga, Diana Magesa  also showcased her designs in Miss International and Miss Earth. Her design for Miss Earth won best in National Costume, which was a first in Tanzania in the History of Miss Earth.
    Magesa has taken part in a plethora of fashion shows and events over the last three years. In 2010, Magesa began teaching and inspiring children in Morogoro, Tanzania to be creators and designers.

     is a natural born designer who also takes us to another level in fashion by combining Sati, Kitenge and Kanga.Franko was born an artist a devoted enthusiast of the fashion industry whose creativity has impressed a large number of Tanzania's Fashion industry elite.
    Shirima believes fashion plays a major role in people\s everyday life.Her natural progression is a designer was instinctive; she felt she was born to do it.